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 We offer Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings for all of your vehicles surfaces inside and the outside. We offer ceramic coatings in a 2, 3, 5 and 9  year protection length.

They  also have Coatings for  Wheels,  Plastic  Trim, Leather Seats  and  Cloth Fabrics ( Carpets & Cloth Convertible Tops).


 We are a Authorized Installer of GlassParency Window Coating . This coating is just for your vehicles glass. It’s very hydrophobic. Its self cleaning. It doesn’t allow bugs to stick as much so they can be easily wiped away. Snow, ice and road dirt are much easier to remove. It also protects from acid rain and mineral build up. 


Double Black, Renny Doyle Collection is a cutting edge, premium brand within our line of P&S products. Double Black products are approved by Renny as equal to or stand alone as the best he has found. We have also added new products, built and honed to Renny’s specifications. In every case, each product performs to the highest standards of todays technology. The Double Black line will continue to evolve and improve as Renny and P & S work together to demand and get more performance from each product.

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